Six Call Center Solutions That Improve Efficiency and Cut Costs

by | Feb 18, 2019 | Call Center Services

Implementing these call center solutions help agents deliver faster and better service. In turn, this increases cost savings associated with better first call resolution and improved customer satisfaction and retention.

  1. Regularly measure, track and analyze expenses and overhead costs. This ensures improvement areas are properly prioritized by cost impact and relevance to business goals.
  2. Hire remote staff instead of in-house agents. This helps increase queue coverage and promotes more efficient call handling. Staffers will be using their own resources to fulfill the needs of contact center. Also, turnover in remote workers tends to be less costly than that for employees.
  3. Call center solutions ensure training is effective and comprehensive and deliver it in media staff can easily understand and reference it later.
  4. Introduce incentives, such as reward programs, to improve employee satisfaction and reduce turnover, training costs and problems with staff adherence to scheduling.
  5. To further increase first call resolution, identify and segment on key issues to reduce the number of incoming calls, improving queue coverage and agents’ availability. Track and analyze to determine issue categories, then include these on website FAQs and in the IVR routing. On the site, also use these categories and related articles to educate customers on use cases, terms and meanings so they are able to direct themselves efficiently once they reach the IVR.
  6. Use cost savings to invest in support technologies, such as chatbots and desktop sharing, that help reduce the number of staff needed to address key issues, further cutting costs in the long run.

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