Consider Card Access Control System Installation in Plainfield IN

by | May 22, 2019 | Data Communications

Restricted areas are common in all types of businesses. Whether that is a security room, a research laboratory, or a closet for medications, only specific people are authorized to enter. This is designed to protect the business, employees, and any wandering customers or clients. A look at different methods will allow owners to understand why a card access control system installation in Plainfield IN may be the best option.

Various Methods

Access control can be done via codes, passwords, keys, biometric scans, and cards with special strips that are swiped to unlock doors. There are advantages and disadvantages to each method. One important element to the method used is how easy is it to secure the space in the event of a compromising situation.


Keys can be handed out to personnel, but they can also be copied, stolen, or lost. Should that happen, the fastest way to secure the rea is to change the lock. This involves the expense of a locksmith, handing out new keys to authorized employees, and double checking the inventory of the space.

Codes and passwords can be changed often but can also be hacked by cyber criminals. Changing those security measures is pointless if they can be hacked again. Biometric scans are safe and difficult to replicate but are the most expensive systems to install and maintain.

Save Time and Money

A card access control system installation in Plainfield IN is easier to secure if cards are stolen or lost because each card has a different code in the magnetic strip. Destroying the card of a retiring employee, canceling one card only, and issuing new cards to new employees are fast, effective, and inexpensive ways to make changes to who has access to a restricted area. One card and one employee are all the components needed to fix a compromise in the system.

Keeping a security breach quiet is preferable for businesses because employees and competitors may see the issue as a weakness. Owners can contact us to compare methods and determine which is best for the layout and needs of business. An evaluation will be completed and free quotes for suggested systems will be provided.