Cloud Services in New York City

by | Dec 9, 2019 | Telecommunications

Businesses of all sizes are turning their attention to cloud services in New York City. Surveys indicate that public, as well as private cloud adaptation, is increasing exponentially. This comes as no surprise. The cloud is a wonderful way to operate a business. It offers many benefits, with hardly any drawbacks.Cloud computing is computing based on the internet. Before the internet, software and applications were run from software installed on a physical computer or server installed on the premises. Cloud computing allows users to access the same applications via the internet.

The premise of cloud computing is quite simple. Rather than computing taking place on a machine within the confines of a specific premise, the computing takes place elsewhere. Data is stored and processed on and by remote servers. By using the servers of Intrinsic Technology Group, company computer memory and computing power are freed up. To access the cloud, users are provided with credentials provided by the service provider. One of the primary benefits of cloud computing is cost. There is no need for a company to invest considerable money for the purchase and maintenance of equipment that has a limited life expectancy. There is no need to invest in costly hardware and facilities to grow your business.

Network management and network monitoring have always been important. Monitoring and management are ways to ensure the network is available and performing to specification. Cloud computing changes this. It is no longer necessary to have assets running 100 percent of the time. Instead, cloud computing gives a company the benefit of accessing their computers on demand. With cloud computing, the focus shifts from monitoring and managing the in-house infrastructure to managing availability and performance. One significant advantage of cloud computing is the outsourcing of the provision of an enterprise-grade network but allowing system monitoring and management.