Embedded Single Board Computers: Learning Tool for Various Purposes

by | Jul 10, 2019 | Phone System

Embedded single board computers are small devices used to teach people how a computer works. They also have recreational purposes. An embedded single board computer is a complete computer, but it requires less power than a regular computer. It has components for processing, memory, input/output and sometimes other functions. Different versions of this device are available online.


Embedded single board computers (or ESBCs for short) have many potential uses. Students studying computer science can learn coding and other things through educational projects that involve an ESBC. Teaching someone how to develop software or build a computer requires demonstrations and hands-on activities. ESBCs are one of the tools utilized for this purpose. Also, people who have tech-related hobbies can purchase these and use them for projects not related to school. ESBCs can be programmed to control drones/robots and to function as part of any kind of creative project.

Single Board

Unlike other computers, ESBCs are entirely on one circuit board, hence the “single board” part of the name. The circuit board is the thin, rigid board seen underneath the inner components of many electronics, especially a laptop or desktop computer. It is usually green in color. Being compact makes these devices convenient and efficient.


Some ESBCs are the size of a smartphone, or sometimes a little smaller, like the size of a pack of gum. The small size allows for ease of portability and allows users to experiment on them without requiring as much desk space.


An ESBC can be purchased online or at stores that carry mainly electronics. Science nerds, computer science students, junior developers, tech lovers, hobbyists, engineers and anyone else might like one as a gift. Prices for ESBCs can be anywhere between approximately 20 dollars to 500 dollars, depending on the version being purchased. One of the most popular brands of ESBCs cost between 30 and 50 dollars. More information about these cool little computers and a chance to purchase one can be found at CorpShadow Bizstore. See the website at https://corpshadow.biz.