Reasons to Choose VOIP Technology

by | Apr 29, 2013 | Phone System

Voice over internet protocol. A simple concept to the average user. A little software magic and you can have low cost or even free phone calls to anyone anywhere. Well, almost. VOIP Honolulu is still an emerging technology and as with any new technology it will have a few rough edges to be worked out. While VOIP emulates the conventional telephone in function it doesn’t actually operate that way. For the end user this really doesn’t matter. What does matter is the ability to contact that certain someone wherever they may be.

As in all things related to computers there are multiple ways to tackle any problem. With VOIP there are currently three primary methods for communications transmission. Since this is an unregulated technology there is no current set of standards which must be met. This is great for developing new software algorithms but it is lousy for anyone interested in making a financial gain in this emerging market. This lack of standards can also make things difficult for the end users. If the various VOIP networks can’t communicate with each other then their users may not be able to connect with the desired persons. Luckily there is an emerging standard, Federated VoIP.

The standard land line telephone is a simple point to point communications system. Generally speaking a users call is transmitted through an ISDN line to a telephone exchange where it is eventually routed to the receiving end. Early VOIP software tries to emulate this telephony system to various degrees. The original idea was to allow VOIP and land line callers to easily communicate with each other. Second generation VOIP uses a closed network and customized software. This method improved the communication quality but eliminated access to people outside the network. With the proper encryption such a closed network could have numerous purposes. Federated VOIP works differently by allowing dynamic connections between differing domains.

VOIP Honolulu is not just for the single computer user. Current technology allows for VOIP PBX type systems as well. In fact business users may be the driving force behind much of the development of VOIP Honolulu. The future of the business world depends on it’s communication capabilities and VOIP is the method which many businesses are adopting as they expand into the global market.