Deciding Whether Computer Repair in Laguna Hills is Worth It

Computers only last so long, so when your’s starts to act up, it can be hard to decide whether it’s worth trying to repair it or you should replace it with a new one. Consider the following factors when deciding whether to choose Computer Repair in Laguna Hills.

Age of the Computer

If the computer is more than five years old, many experts say it’s not worth repairing. Of course, it may be worth trying to figure out what the problem is anyway because, if it’s simply a matter of a virus that could be removed and the computer is otherwise meeting your needs, you may be able to delay the expense of purchasing a new computer.

Cost of the Repairs

Some experts suggest that, if a computer is around three or four years old, it’s worth spending 30 to 50 percent of the cost of a replacement computer on repairs. But, if the computer is older than this, don’t spend more than 25 percent of the cost of a new computer on repairs or upgrades. Computers that are less than two years old should usually be repaired, especially as they may still be under warranty, which would help cover the costs.

The Functionality of the Computer

Newer computers tend to have more features than older models. If your computer is starting to be too slow or to run out of memory and not be able to perform all the functions you would like it to, it may be worth springing for a new computer rather than dealing with Computer Repair in Laguna Hills. If the new computer would have at least two features the old one doesn’t, this may be a sign your old computer is too outdated.

Type of Repairs

If the computer is no longer under warranty and you’d have to pay for the repairs, there are some types of repairs that usually aren’t worth it. These include when significant components fail, such as the main logic board. Fixing a hard drive is simpler and less expensive, so it may be worth it.

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