Business Communications Solutions

by | Apr 19, 2019 | Telecommunications

Communications Unlimited (CU) is among the best business communication services in Dallas TX offers. Founded in 1996, the company has  grown along with many changes in technology. CU has proven success in diverse vertical markets and company sizes. Services include hosted VOIP solutions, Avaya IP Office, structured cabling, voice and internet, and call accounting and recording.

VOIP Solutions & Avaya IP Office
IP Office merges the benefits of traditional telephony systems with the power of IP telephony. Overall, this reduces organizational costs and increases customer service and employee productivity. The CU-HOSTED VOIP system is driven by intelligent software and impressive hardware that streamlines and speeds up each client’s operations.

Structured Cabling
It’s important to have a professional telecommunications wiring plan when any business is moving, renovating, or upgrading. CU’s cabling service is focused on helping clients merge networks and expand voice, data, and video capabilities. When it is time for a relocation or other physical network change, it’s much easier for clients because of the solid cabling plan.

Voice and Internet
Communications Unlimited partners with leading voice and internet service providers. This increases competition and results in some of the best pricing for phone line and internet capacity as it increases overall service offerings.

Call Accounting and Recording
CU integrates Xima Software with Avaya IP Office to overcome the technical limitations of call history and reporting tools with no additional configuration to existing phone systems. The main features of this software include real-time monitoring, cradle to grave phone call history, and a recording library. A single site license covers all call center agents, groups, trunks, etc.

When clients use Communications Unlimited, they receive among the best business communication services Dallas TX offers. They help organizations take advantage of cost efficiencies and scalability available in the latest technologies with solutions customized for every client.