Why More Business Owners Are Making The Switch To VOIP In Honolulu

by | Jul 24, 2018 | Communications Satellites

The phones a company uses on a daily bases are an integral component of allowing employees to do their job efficiently and streamline the communication process for consumers. Despite their importance, many business owners struggle with the high costs associated with traditional phone service. Rather than wasting money on old and outdated technology, more entrepreneurs are choosing to make the switch to VOIP in Honolulu and take advantage of the following benefits.

Cloud-Based Phone System

Companies that utilize a traditional telephone service will usually need to host an on-site phone server to take advantage of advanced features, such as an auto attendant and voicemail. A VOIP service provider will typically offer a host of dynamic innovations that do not require the expense or maintenance associated with a physical PBX system. Not only does this save time, but it saves money by preventing a company from having to spend thousands of dollars a year on upgrades and repair costs.

Remote Extensions

A traditional system requires a phone to be connected to the on-site network, but devices that are designed to operate on VOIP in Honolulu will work from any location that has a reliable internet connection. This allows a company to provide remote workers with a dedicated phone line. A remote extension will also enable employees within an organization to reach one another by simply dialing their extension.

Affordable Rates

The single most significant benefit of VOIP service is that it is more affordable than a traditional telephone line. Most providers offer unlimited nationwide and international calling plans, which will allow a company to remain operational for less. Compare the per minute rates that a company is currently paying and see how making the switch to Internet-based phone service may save thousands every year.

If the idea of switching to a VOIP service provider is overwhelming, don’t fret. The team at Envision Network Solutions offers a complete array of bespoke services that will meet the needs of any company, large or small. Stop by Envisionns.com to learn more about the service and product options available, and take the first step in helping a company communicate effectively for less.

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