Tips for Providing Adequate Wireless Security in Hawaii

by | May 24, 2018 | Call Center Services

The vast majority of today’s businesses of all sizes utilize wireless networks. While this form of advanced modern technology offers incomparable benefits when it comes to convenience and workplace efficiency, it also comes with certain security concerns. That’s why it’s essential that all business owners ensure that they are providing adequate Wireless Security in Hawaii across their companies’ networks; read on to find a few tips that can help.

Offer a Guest Network

Companies that regularly have visitors in the form of customers and clients should provide a separate network for their use. This allows them to connect to the internet on the property without offering them access to the company’s primary internal network. Not only will this prevent any forms of intentional malicious activity from guests, but it will also prevent them from unintentionally spreading viruses or malware through the company’s primary network.

Educate Employees

Human error constitutes arguably the largest threat to a network’s integrity, so it’s essential that employees receive adequate training on network security. Seemingly minor mistakes such as leaving accounts open on computers that are shared with the public, accidentally downloading malware or viruses, failing to update passwords on a regular basis, and accidentally giving away sensitive information through phishing scams can all have devastating consequences. These issues can all be avoided through providing proper education.

Keep Software Updated

Outdated software is easier to hack, as cybercriminals will have had the time they need to find any loopholes. Most companies that provide website content management software, inventory tracking software, anti-virus programs, and operating systems offer periodic updates in the form of patches. These are designed to keep their customers’ networks secure from intrusion by cybercriminals, but they can only work if business owners are conscientious about performing necessary updates.

Hire a Professional

The best way for any business owner to ensure that the company’s networks are protected by adequate Wireless Security in Hawaii is to hire a third-party company that can offer network installation and maintenance services. Given that many small business owners simply don’t have it in the budget to hire an entire IT team, having a third-party security consultant can make a huge difference when it comes to preventing cybercrime and protecting sensitive data. Visit to learn more about wireless networks and security today.