Common Resume Mistakes That Should Be Avoided

by | Sep 2, 2013 | Communications Satellites

Often we are faced with disappointing results generated by our resume. We send our resumes for job openings that we surely know we are experienced for, but still things don’t work out. If this is the case, one might want to check the resume and revise it against some most common errors in resume writing.

1. Adding statements that only talk about what you want
One of the most common errors in resume writing is adding statements that talk only about what you want from the employer. For instance, writing, “Looking for an organization that can create chances for my growth in a professional career” focuses only on yourself. One  such statement  may be digestible, but adding several of them can leave the impression that you are interested only in yourself, not in the job the employer wants done. Good resumes talk minimally about what you want from your employer but emphasize what you are ready to offer.

2. Writing your resume in the tone of a broad scope
Some people write their resumes in the tone of an unnecessarily broad scope for the fear of being excluded from specific job opportunities. Sadly, this trick almost always backfires. Because resume readers may have to review hundreds of resumes for one job, they tend to go through your resume in a matter of a few seconds. If your resume exhibits a somewhat ambiguous scope and does not exactly convey how you can “fit” into the company, things are most likely not to work out for you. Focus on highlighting your specific abilities and skills rather than general ones, and focus on the specific skill the job posting lists.

3. Emphasizing entirely your achievements rather than their results
Yes, it is very impressive and imposing that you were the personal secretary of the CEO of your previous company, but guess what? Your reader won’t be bothered! Just telling your prospective employer that you had been this and that is not very effective unless you convey your achievements in the form of the beneficial results that you have produced for your employers in the past. What influence did your work have on the company? The emphasis should be greater on the results of your work rather than your achievements, and, if possible, supply data, such as “increased sales 30% over 12 months.”

4. Ignoring the importance of a good translation of your resume
If you are seeking an employer outside the US, such as in Germany, Spain or Africa, you should never underestimate the importance of having a good translation service translate your resume. Not just any translation, but a good translation. Deciphering a badly translated resume is difficult, if not impossible. For example, English translations and Spanish translations are certainly not the same in written form, even if people understand each other in conversation. For an effective resume, it is extremely important to have a good translation service translate your resume into the language of the market that you are targeting.

If you still think you are at a loss regarding how to write a good resume, the best solution is to consider hiring a professional resume writer and then hiring a professional translation agency for its translation. It may be an expensive investment, but an investment that will pay you back many times over.