Facts about Business Telephone Systems

by | Nov 24, 2011 | Phone System

Business telephone systems are definitely the front lines of most communication based systems and must not be chosen without careful consideration. Let us check a few important features of telephone systemsof today.

Call transfer – This may seem like a simple and really common telephone system feature, and that is because it really is. However, it is extremely important as well, and it is among the important explanations why companies today still set up business telephone systems rather than only having everybody except the chief secretary using a mobile phone. Modern day call transfers in business telephone systems are usually advanced enough to reach mobile phones if necessary, anyways. Call transfer helps prevent missed opportunities, dropped calls etc.

Personalized hold messages – These are important as minimal cost marketing resources. When somebody calls up and has to be placed on hold, they may be spoken to, and also find out about product sales, new services and so forth that your business is doing. This may give them a reason to speak to the sales representative once they are done being on hold to get to speak with the person who they had called.

Speaker phone – Although this is a function common to mobile phones these days, still nothing can beat having this as a central function in your office. Speaker phone works well with internet meetings and conferencing being carried out in the office; also it can permit a number of people in a meeting with a client or prospect to listen to everything in concert inside the same room.

Compatibility with headphones – This keeps somebody’s hands free to key in while they are on the telephone on a private call, and it also helps prevent aching necks-appreciated by salesmen and secretaries.

These are some of the business telephone systems functions that your office must have incorporated into your telephone system.

Business Telephone System

Business Telephone System