Progress in Telecommunication Equipment

by | Nov 24, 2011 | Telecommunications Organizations

Telecommunication equipment’ sounds as though you are dealing with rocket-science. However, it is not so. They are simple equipments of daily use such as mobile phones, telephones, Internet, televisions etc. They have changed our lives so much that a period without these is just unimaginable. They have contributed to a great extent in helping the world become closer.

Once upon a time, letters and telegrams were the only means of communication. Things changed with the discovery of telephone by Graham Bell. Since telephones, there have been improvements and developments such as pagers, mobile phones, Internet etc. However, the best and biggest telecommunication equipment is the Internet.

Internet enables you to do everything in communication- write letters, listen to music, watch downloaded movies, call your friends etc. The Internet dons a variety of roles in today’s times. You can write letters and email them- it acts like a postman. It is your telephone when you make calls using the Internet calling services; it is your gaming zone or play station when you play online games; it is your conference room when you are on a video conference; it is also your tutor when you are learning online or doing your homework; it is your favourite hangout when you are chatting with your friends online.

Internet as a telecommunication equipment has also come a long way. There was a time when people used the slow dial-up connection. This was so slow that some pages would take up to fifteen minutes to open! However, it is now replaced by broadband connection. Using broadband, you can surf the Internet, talk to your friends over the phone simultaneously. Dial-up connections meant you cannot use the phone while using Internet. Broadband connection loads the page in a matter of few seconds- that is, it has increased tremendously in speed.

The latest telecommunication equipment that is quite a rage is the mobile phone which can now be used as a computer to create and save files and documents, connect to the Internet and also use as a navigator to find your destinations in unknown areas. This is the best telecommunication equipment as you have this entire package safe in your pocket.

Telecommunication Equipment

Telecommunication Equipment